Lisa in "Rocking Magpie
Single:  "I Do"

"As I’ve taken to regularly saying; we receive a lot of new music every week at RMHQ so choosing what to listen to; never mind review can be a headache some days; but when we do discover a new talent the world just seems a better place to live in. Not that I advocate anyone changing their name just for a review on RMHQ; but Lisa’s surname KOWALSKI was what initially caught my attention, and then I saw the attached message was from her Mum, who is acting as her PR/Manager (driver and Chief Cook and bottle washer too I imagine) before I dug a little deeper and received a lovely surprise, in as much as Lisa has a wonderful smoky and very expressive voice on this heart crushing break up song (never upset a songwriter!)which is also a forerunner for a second EP which is due out in early 2019.

And another thing…….
For a young woman (she’s still only 18) Lisa Kowalski is a grafter; she started out busking on the mean streets of Paisley aged only 14, and then entering every competition a young singer-songwriter can (but mercifully NOT X-Factor) winning some, while gaining lots of valuable experience playing everything from pubs to Celtic Connections, King Tuts Wah Wah Club and even being invited to open a Scottish Music showcase in NYC…..which is the way to do it.

So; back to the song… is rather lovely and fingers crossed, bodes well for a career in the wacky world of music."

Ross MacFadyen - Scottish Radio Producer/DJ/Broadcaster on Lisa's "I Do" single.

“Over the past couple of years, Lisa Kowalski's performance and writing skills have developed to a level that her new song, "I Do" would not be out of place on a LeAnn Rimes album. I really hope mainstream radio takes notice. It's been my pleasure to support Lisa via Folk and Roll Radio and Celtic Music Radio. Keep 'em coming!”

Gee Force, Radio Show on Bridge FM
Single "I Do"

"There comes a time in many an artist's career where they do the unexpected – so, what you do, is forget the past and take the present for what it is – and, in this case, the present is a gift – a beautiful one, at that.

To the sounds of just a piano, one where the notes seem to hang, suspended, in the air, rippling up to the skies in gorgeous fashion, Lisa begins the lyrical voyage with a vocal that starts relatively low but wondrously emotive a it slowly meanders above the piano, gradually pouring heart and soul as the pitch rises. Subtly in the background, a mandolin adds to the piano foreground, as the distant strains of a violin are even more subtly heard, the smooth and emotional singing now flying high over the almost pastoral yet strong to the point of tension, musical backdrop. Lisa sings like an angel, the verses flowing like wine, the choruses as uplifting as a Church service, as it all drifts and soars, eventually dropping to earth like a rainbow fading in the summer sun. If it was a painting, it would be a masterpiece – as a song, it's even better than that. The perfect soundtrack to the festive season – without being festive – you have to play this and give yourself that gloriously warm and fuzzy feeling inside that you deserve."

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