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Hi everyone. I hope you are all safe and well.

It seems like a while since my last blog and there has been a bit of adjustment to being unexpectedly back home and unable to go out anywhere and see friends. I am still doing online classes for my music course in Tilburg, but miss the people and the social scene so much!

But here we are, I’m doing my best to keep busy and healthy and hope you are too. As someone who has struggled with mental health, I’m always willing to help others who are finding life hard.

That’s just one of the reasons my Mum and I decided to put on the "Chords for Accord" multi-artist music stream this Saturday www.facebook.com/events/524561465121033. From 4 o clock on Saturday 25th April, myself and nine extremely talented local artists are coming together to raise funds for the Hospice. I’m really pleased this is happening as a good friend of my family passed away in the Hospice around Christmas time and its in her memory and to thank the people who cared for her and still support her family. Not only are the other artists talented, but they are all giving of their time really generously at a time which is quite challenging for musicians.

I also have a live stream on the 24th April, today, at 6 pm. In fact, I really should be practising my first ever David Bowie cover right now, a special request for a supporter on community radio! There’s another date in the diary, the 6th May, at 7.30, for Discovery Music, the Dundee based music promoter.

Another thing coming your way soon are a couple of videos from my participation in Gus Harrower’s COVID COVER CHALLENGE. Gus is a fantastic musician from Edinburgh who I met a few years ago when we both performed at an event for the John Byrne Society. He has asked a number of his musician friends to each put a song in the hat and cover whichever song that is drawn out for them. I really like Gus’ music, so was delighted he wanted to include me in the group. I’m going to keep it a secret, but I’ve been given a fantastic song from an award-winning singer songwriter to cover and am very happy about the way it’s turned out. I put my song "No More Time" in the hat and I'm also excited to see who will be covering it and how it will sound.

Apart from that, I really want to use some of my lockdown time to work on new songs and I am looking to put together a little home studio set up. I’m very grateful for the support I continue to have with my music but will be very glad when this is all over so we can all hug the people we miss again.

Be safe

Lots of love

Lisa x


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