• Lisa Kowalski

New Songs & Christmas...

Hi all. I have finally finished producing my next single in my Uni studio, really excited about releasing it in the New Year,  a little bit proud and a lot relieved that I managed it myself.

As I'm lucky enough to be heading to Switzerland for Christmas and New Year on December 23rd, I need to write my CHEF funded song for Paisley before I go. I really want this song to be one that local people can identify with and that will tell the world what a great town Paisley is -past, present and a big future.

Once written and recorded, the song and music video will be played around the world and this one is for Paisley more than for me. It's also for you to participate in if you want to, whether by adding a lyric idea, artwork design or a part of the video scenes.

Step 1 - Lyrics - please tell me what words and themes you would like to hear in a song that sings Paisley's praises.

Dont be shy and share among your Paisley buddies.

Thank you

Lisa x


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