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Paisley -Tilburg-New York

Hi everyone,

Hard to believe that Its March already. January and February flew by with all the activity around the "No More Time" single launch and then days later the move to Tilburg, Holland.

I’ve spent the last three weeks or so settling in to my new flat, getting to grips with the new timetable and courses, making new friends and just having fun. There are so many nice places you can get to from Tilburg and two weeks after I arrived, it was Carnival week.  Let’s just say my average go to bed time has been a lot later since I’ve been here!

But now its March, I need to think ahead to my trip to New York Tartan Week in a month’s time.  I’ll be performing at the American Scottish Foundation ceremonies at Bryant Park on Friday 2nd and Sunday 4th and taking part in the parade on the Saturday.  When I was there in 2018, I played "Hearts of Gold", my feel-good song about busking in Paisley. This time, I have my new positive Paisley song, which currently has a working title of “Here’s to Our Town”. It will be special  to play it  live for the very first time to an audience, who are passionate about all things Scottish.  

While 2017 song  "Hearts of Gold" was about my own personal experience of busking in  Paisley High Street, the new song does its best to encompass what makes Paisley special for everyone.   I’m busy finishing off the song and rehearsing the Bryant Park set just now.

In 2018, I was invited to Tartan Week to represent Scottish youth music in the Year of Young People. This time, I am super excited to also be representing my hometown, my University – the University of the West of Scotland - and meeting their Alumni Association while I am there at some official events.

It also means a lot to me to be wearing the SDG Tartan created by the Global Ethical Finance Initiative and Slanj Tartan, to help spread the message about the importance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A couple of my closest family members are heavily involved in "sustainability" and I am always pleased to represent anything that promotes equality and caring about other people.

You can find out more about the SDG Tartan here. https://sdgtartan.com

I had such a wonderful time in New York last time and am so grateful for a chance to go back.

Look out for footage on social media from 2nd to 4th April.




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