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The New Chapter...

This week sees my last live performances for a little while, which seems right just now. Since successfully coming off meds and settling in at Uni, I’ve had a real surge of ideas and an urge to write new music. I’m therefore ignoring any pressure to show up for any gig or set myself deadlines to get a single out and just letting things evolve naturally, ignoring all the trappings of the music scene and just concentrating on creating. Don’t think that means I’m slowing down or losing interest though, its all happening in my head and there’s plenty planned.

Work continues slowly but steadily on the next single release, and I’m going to try a whole new approach for that – producing and recording myself at my Uni studio in Ayr. I’ve decided that retaining full creative control is the right way for me to transform the songs from live acoustic to fully produced, without losing the things I love about them. The new single is my edgiest song to date and Santa has kindly come early with an electric guitar so I can play it on the track.

I am finishing off some other new songs this week to try them out at the Songwriters Uncovered gig at the Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock.  I am keen to feature songs in my set that reflect my thoughts and influences right now, as much as I will always love the ones I wrote aged 14 to 17.

Around all of this, I have a big project connected to the campaign to elaborate and reinvigorate Paisley. I’ve started to lay some foundations for that and hope to reveal all the details in the next couple of weeks.

Lisa x

Lisa in Glasgow...

Lisa's new guitar ...


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